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                                 BEING INTERACTIVE

Reinforce strong family and group relationships by maintaining a bond between you and others. In this book are fun interactive ways to do this and understand each other. It will also help you beat boredom, support each other, improve mental health and enjoy time together. 

 The activities are designed to be creative, entertaining and compliment familiar quizzes, board games, journaling, art, and craft activities. They are suitable for mixed ages and encourage bonding for all relationships. They will:

  • Help keep family and friends connected

  • Enable relationships to thrive

  • Encourage creativity

  • Support well-being

  • Aid communication between generations

  • Increase understanding of other viewpoints  and learning

  • Boost mood and help avoid feelings of isolation

  • Assist communication to support each other.                                               


The book is broken down into sections with themes like creating energy, strengthening relationships, improving communication, staying positive, promoting imagination, keeping an active mind, boosting self-esteem, overcoming fears and worries, interacting with pen and paper, relaxing with words. You can choose activities that suit you best. 

Use when spending time together: Christmas, family get to-gethers, holidays, when it is raining, when relaxing, on holiday breaks, when you have unexpected time together. Or set up regular meet-ups at home or on line.

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