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For over 35 years Robin worked in psychiatric hospitals, the probation service, social services and adult learning. He has managed day centres and, while seconded to adult learning, he created learning programmes and a counselling and support service for vulnerable adults across two boroughs. This involved forming partnerships with day centres, residential homes, social work teams, primary care, special schools, employment agencies, probation, elderly clubs, churches and other providers of services. 


As well as writing books he has contributed feature articles and short stories to national magazines and edited local authority newsletters. He provides blogs and guides to support carers.


He also edits 'The Voice' monthly e-magazine which aims to promote communication between readers and writers.  (For more information go to


He is a trainer and qualified counsellor with special interest in:

  • ​Health, Education and Special Needs  

  • Elderly Care                          

  • Relationships                                                        

  • Therapy and Rehabilitation                                           

  • Personal Development                

  • Mental Health                                                                

  • Self-help

  • Groupwork                                                                                                                                    

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